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Mentor Trainings
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School Leadership Training is now a separate product. Go back to trainings to select it.

If another training does not show up it is full to capacity.


LEMI Mentor Training

We train you to mentor successfully and increase your influence, guiding your child or class in the next right steps to educate heart and mind. 

Early Bird Special Prices Ends April 15th!

All Trainings will be Online this year.

9 AM to 5 PM Mountain Daylight Time (with breaks)

(Times may be adjusted by Trainers)


Note: Classical Acting will be a full Project this year.

Mentoring Essentials for Beginners and Intermediate Mentors

June 13th

Times: 8-12 PM MDT

Mentoring Essentials for Advanced Mentors

June 13th

Times: 1-5 PM MDT


If a class does not show up, it is probably full.


What is included?

  • LEMI Essentials for beginners and intermediate level mentors
  • LEMI Essentials for intermediate and advanced level mentors
  • Three Days of intense training Parents on How to Mentor their Home-school children using principles from a Leadership Education.
  • We use Project Based Learning Model to teach multiple subjects simultaneously. Your students learn English, History, Leadership, Speech, Writing, Reading and more from each and every project
  • The projects are for youth ages 10-18.  Though the mentoring can be applied to all your children.
  • We give you the tools to know the next right step for each child.
  • Inspire students to seek for the education they need.
  • Training also includes 9 monthly recorded webinars
  • Includes three LIVE "Project Specific" Webinars in August, January and March 
  • Website access to the LEMI Classic Calls for analyzing and honing your mentoring skills
  • Reporting to a trainer and ask questions in your weekly reports.
  • Ongoing support in our Facebook Project Groups


* Terms or Conditions

Trainings are Tentative until confirmed. 

  1. I can cancel my enrollment in this training up until it is either cancelled or confirmed on May 1st and receive a refund of the full amount of the training minus $25 to cover bank charges and expenses.  If I cancel after May 1st, I will no longer be eligible for a refund. 

  2. I understand and agree that this Registration reserves my seat at the LEMI Training above, but that I should not make definite plans until my training is confirmed by LEMI on May 1st. Confirmation of payment of this Registration is not a guarantee that my class will be offered on this date. If there are not enough or too many participants registered for my class, I will be given the option to 

     A) take another class on the same date; or

     B) take the same class on a different date; or

     C) receive a full refund. 

 3. No refunds after confirmation, May 1st. 

4. I agree that LEMI can use any video or photos of me or my children recorded from training online or live.


Switch Course Fee 
$30 To switch courses or location or transfer registration to another person. 

$15 before Early Bird Deadline.

LEMI reserves the right to cancel any class or training for any reason.

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