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Introduction to the 5 Trends and Power Structure of Freedom.

This is the 1st Call in the 5 Trends Conference Call Series By Tiffany Earl and Aneladee Milne

Do you know someone who loves America and freedom, and works very hard to to promote and protect that freedom, but are completely ineffective in making any real change? It is because they do not possess the information and understanding you will be introduced to in this particular conference call series. Join Tiffany and Aneladee as they introduce 5 Trends in America (and the world) that shape the way people think, live, and act. You will also learn the Power Structure of Freedom that is essential in order to make real, lasting change. Learn about principles that you will immediately recognize and wonder why you didn't recognize before. This audio is an essential tool for anyone who wants to be a true leader, or who is raising a leader in their home - that's all of us, by the way! Our youth need to know these trends as they emerge into the world as adults so they can effectively fulfill their missions as our next Hero Generation.


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